Carmel Clay Schools doing back-to-school shopping for parents

CARMEL, Ind. - A central Indiana school district hopes to make back-to-school shopping easier and cheaper for parents of elementary school students.

Carmel Clay Schools will charge parents an average of $32 to have everything the students need for the classroom.

A customer survey by Michigan-based retailer Meijer said that 70 percent of parents say they don’t expect to finish their back-to-school shopping before school starts.

Carmel officials believe they have found a solution to those long school-supply lists by doing the work for the parents of the 7,000 elementary school students in the district.

"For a lot of parents, it's just something else they have to do, so we're trying to help them with that. We also felt with our buying power, (we can) save people money," said Roger McMichael with Carmel Clay Schools.

For an average of $32 per student, parents will pay a supply fee that includes everything children will need for class. The fee will be added onto the textbook rental at the beginning of the year.

School officials said that by managing school supplies, they can save families time and money while reducing waste by reusing supplies like scissors and rulers.

For many parents, it takes away what can be a yearly burden.

"They're so specific now. So instead of just regular binder that's an inch, you need and inch-and-a-half. So it's a little difficult," parent Jakeisha Robinson said.

The school district said it has saved parents an average of 35 percent on supplies. By working with teachers, they know exactly what students need before they begin the school year.

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