Carmel, Fishers named among 20 safest small US cities

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. - Two of central Indiana’s fastest growing cities have scored high marks for quality of life and relatively little crime.

Carmel and Fishers were ranked among the 20 safest cities in America, according to a survey published by The Asbury Park Press.

In the City of Fishers, population 83,000, one is five times more likely to get pulled over for drunken driving than to be the victim of a burglary.

Last year, residents of Fishers reported just over 4,000 crimes to the police department.

Fishers has more than 90 neighborhood crime watch programs throughout the city. And it remains a priority for the police department to organize even more.

Art Hennig is the crime watch coordinator for his Waterford Gardens neighborhood.

"We get together every month meeting as a group … We've been fortunate, very little crime involvement in our neighborhoods," Hennig said. "It's a simple step that my neighborhood can take that's going to help everybody if you have any problems. And you've got a whole neighborhood of eyes and everyone talking. It just makes a lot of sense."

The population of Fishers has grown 25 percent in the past five years and the size of the police department has kept pace.

The police force is locked in with its citizens.

"People around here get it. They understand how effective they can be, how important being aware of their surroundings and they're willing to call us when they see something that doesn't look right," Fishers Police Department Sgt. Tom Weger said.

Carmel also has a strong, involved citizenry and projects an image of a strong and aggressive police force.

"And if it's an officer in a traffic stop with red and blue lights going, sometimes if a criminal decides he's going to commit a crime and sees a police officer, he may turn around and drive home," Carmel Police Department Lt. Joe Bickel said.

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