Center Grove HS marching band loads up for trip to NYC to perform in Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

GREENWOOD, Ind. - A central-Indiana high school marching band have hit the road, headed for the spotlight in a New York City holiday tradition.

Center Grove High School marching ban members, staff and family packed charter buses to head to the Big Apple Monday evening.

The band will perform in the parade while marching the 2.6-mile route. It's taken months of hard work (even more than usual) to get to this point.

"The kids deserve all the credit," booster-program president John Simon said. "They are the ones who earned the right to go. They've been working hard to do their normal fall show, but to (also) prepare for Macy's."

This is the first time Center Grove has marched in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

The band performed in a Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade three years ago.

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