Central Indiana recovers from severe weather

Storms cause damage, fire, floods, delays

Most of the state saw rain, thunder, lightning and hail at some point as storms rolled through Indiana on Wednesday.

Hoosiers were left to deal with flooding, storm damage, delays and even fires after the storms.


Crews were busy Wednesday evening clearing branches and leaves from the cars at a local car dealership in Lebanon. One tree was split down the middle in Memorial Park.

Power had to be disconnected from a lamp post that was knocked down during the storm.

Deborah Chafin said she was shocked to find an entire tree down in her front yard.

"The whole tree, it was all the way across, it was -- the street was covered my driveway to the next driveway. They got a crew and got it out of the way. I was out looking, and one of the guys told me to get back in the house, because I might get electrocuted," Chafin said.

The Boone County emergency management director said Lebanon High School and Harney Elementary School flooded due to drains backing up.


Officials with the Indianapolis Fire Department said the storms were to blame for at least three fires Wednesday afternoon, including a two-alarm fire at an apartment complex on the city's southeast side.

Officials in Greenwood also believed that a lightning strike may have caused a house fire on Night Hawk Drive.


Storms left several streets flooded on the city’s south side, which created backups and other problems for drivers.

At times, water poured over southbound lanes of Interstate 65 near the Southport Road exit. It created about a 15-mile traffic backup -- extending back to the interchange at Interstate 465 and Interstate 70 west.

Several drivers ignored popular advice and took their chances driving through the standing water.

One man was up to his knees in water as he pushed his car to dry land.

"When the water started splashing up around the car I knew it was too late. The air filter is at the bottom of the car so I knew, I knew it was going to be a problem. I didn’t realize the water was that high until I got into it," driver Shane Long said.


Dozens of flights were delayed in and out of Indianapolis on Wednesday.

Those who were trying to get an early start on Memorial Day weekend or those coming into town for the Indianapolis 500 likely experienced some frustrations.

As of 10 p.m., most flights had caught up and only a few were still showing problems.

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