Ceremony held for deploying Indiana soldiers

Men and women part of 55th Medical Detachment

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana soldiers were sent off Saturday at a ceremony on the eve of a deployment to the Middle East.

The members of the Army Reserve's 55th Medical Detachment are headed to Kuwait to help military men and women already stationed overseas.

The group, stationed in Lawrence, will provide mental health support and assistance for deployed and returning soldiers and civilians.

A deployment ceremony was held for the group at the Indiana War Memorial in Indianapolis on Saturday.

While some soldiers left their families behind with heavy hearts, others were focused on the job waiting for them.

"I'm just excited about the job we're getting ready to do," said Specialist Andrew Drake. "I'm not really concerned about myself right now. I'm just excited about what I'm going to be doing, and I'm going to be with all my brothers and sisters out there and hopefully provide something good for them."

The 55th Medical Detachment was scheduled to head back to Lawrence for last minute-training exercises before heading to Kuwait in the next couple of weeks.

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