Children deal with emotional scars after multiple shootings in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS - Children who witnessed the deadly gunfire in Indianapolis Monday night after six people were shot and four people were killed are now dealing with the emotional scars, police said.

Just one day after the violent spree, the Indianapolis Metro Police Department forensics team mapped out the path of a stray bullet that hit a 10-year-old girl in her home.

About seven miles away from that shooting, IMPD investigators said eight young children were inside a home when a man was shot and killed in an attempted robbery.

Legacy House Executive Director Michael Hurst said that children don't easily forget traumatic, violent events.

"When you actually see the violence or hear the gun shots and the screams, those are things that are going to be with that child," Hurst said.

Children that have witnessed a traumatic event may lose sleep, become anxious or angry.

Counselors at the Legacy House said that the sooner a child gets help after experiencing a traumatic event, the better.

The services offered at the Legacy House are free.


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