City-County Council approves funding for potholes, Broad Ripple project

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis City-County Council passed several measures Monday evening that will impact everything from the roads you drive on to the places you live.

Broad Ripple Development Project

The council voted 22 to 7 in favor of building an apartment tower and grocery store in Broad Ripple.

Last month, developers received the initial OK from a committee to use nearly $6 million in public financing for the project that includes 119 apartments, a parking garage and a 35,000 square-foot specialty grocery store.

The development will be built on College Avenue, just north of Broad Ripple Avenue.

Fixing Potholes

The council passed a measure for $16 million to go toward patching up roads across the city.

The board already approved $8 million last month. Since December, crews have filled more than 17,000 potholes.

Council member Zach Adamson said the vote demonstrated the power of working together.

"We are thrilled that it passed with such a large super majority, in a bipartisan manner. This addresses the $24 million emergency road work that was addressed by the mayor's administration so I think it show that we can all work together on important issues," Adamson said.


The council also introduced a new proposal that would hold any landlord accountable to their renters.

Landlords would have to sign up for a registry. It would only cost $5 to get on the list, but they could be fined up to $500 for not complying.

Under the proposal, which would take effect July 1, owners must provide their names, phone numbers and addresses.

Anyone from out of state would have to provide information for a local site manager.

The proposal will now move to committee for discussion.

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