Clerk won't be charged in fatal liquor store shooting

Man shot, killed would-be robber

INDIANAPOLIS - A liquor store clerk who shot and killed a would-be robber will not be charged.

Zachary Rogers was working at the 21st Amendment Liquor Store at 3939 S. Keystone Ave. early Sept. 30 when a man came in and demanded money, police said.

Rogers, who was carrying a handgun, shot and killed the man, who was later identified as Donald Crenshaw, 47.

"He (Crenshaw) wasn't pointing it (the gun) at anyone but he wasn't not pointing it at anyone either. He was just kind of just waving it around," Rogers told RTV6. "I put my hands up. I was following everything he wanted me to do. He took his eyes off me, and that was a bad decision for him."

A spokeswoman with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office said Monday that Rogers would not face charges in the shooting.

"After meeting with IMPD and viewing the video surveillance footage, it was determined that there is no basis to file charges against the 21st Amendment employee," said Brienne Delaney. "Such evidence establishes that the employee acted in self-defense pursuant to Indiana law."

Rogers, who had worked at the liquor store for three days, said it was first job he was able to land since coming home from serving in Iraq.

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