New effort in place to fight blight in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ind. - The City of Columbus is making a new effort to rid neighborhoods of run-down and abandoned properties.

The Columbus City Council was setting money aside to address the issues -- and neighbors said it was about time.

It has been several years since the City of Columbus has made an effort of this size to get rid of blighted properties.

Seven houses were set for demolition so far. The Council approved $200,000 of taxpayer funding for their demolition.

"No one is horsing around with this. They want to see progress and they want to see these untenable conditions addressed in a relatively short period of time," said Director of Community Development Carl Malysz.

Almost three dozen houses were on the mayor's radar. Some property owners felt the pressure and promised to clean things up.

"The Board of Public Works and Safety is not just swinging a sledgehammer you know, wanting to tear down everything in sight. They are being very diplomatic," Malysz said.

Columbus officials estimate demolition will cost between $10,000 and $15,000 per house.

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