Columbus officials discuss future of 'Flamenco' sculpture

COLUMBUS, Ind. - It’s supposed to make the area more attractive, but a new sculpture in Columbus is bringing traffic to a stop.

The controversial artwork called "Flamenco" is new to downtown. Some are concerned that it may be dangerous to drivers at its current location on the corner of 5th and Washington streets.

"I have to say the first time I saw it, it really grabbed my attention. It just really pops out at you," resident Kimberly Hoffman said.

The future of the sculpture is unclear, but the love for art in Columbus can been seen from every direction.

"I think it enhances the community a lot. I think it sets us apart and makes us unique," one resident said.

"I would be disappointed if it was taken out altogether," Hoffman said.

City officials will determine the sculpture's fate next Tuesday.

"I'm proud of our city council for being willing to discuss issues like this and listening to both sides of the issue. I think they need to take into consideration what Columbus stands for," resident Kathleen Moman said

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