Community conflicted over proposed Dairy Queen, convenience store at 91st, Meridian

City planners, community group disagree on zoning

INDIANAPOLIS - Battle lines are being drawn over a proposed development on North Meridian Street.

Near 91st Street and Meridian, where an old Marathon station sits, is the proposed location of a 24-hour gas station, convenience store and Dairy Queen.
The site has been vacant for many years.

It would be a 4,000-square-foot convenience store with 10 fueling pumps alongside a 2,500-square-foot Dairy Queen with a drive-thru.

"We support orderly growth and development, but we also think promises are promises," said Ruth Hayes, with the Nora Community Council.

The Nora Community Council thinks the development is in violation of a 1989 zoning agreement and is not in concert with the comprehensive plan that recommends office buildings.

"Everybody loves a Dilly bar. We are not opposed to Dairy Queen, per se, but to intrude that kind of retail use when we're promised, for example, office buildings, we are opposed to that," Hayes added.

City planners disagree with the council.

"It is zoned for retail. There is nothing in (the plan) that discourages retail," senior city planner David Hittle said. "There is language that prohibits billboards, alcohol sales and porn, but nothing else that discourages retail specifically."

A decision on the proposal will be made by the end of the week. If it is approved, the Nora Community Council can appeal to the Metropolitan Development Commission.
Each side will have 23 days after the decision is made to file an appeal. 

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