WNBA fans hope more Hoosiers catch Indiana Fever as team heads to final championship game

Plenty of tickets still up for grabs

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Fever are gearing up to face the defending champs from Minnesota in the WNBA finals.

The team is going after the championship for the second time in four years, with plenty of tickets still up for grabs, officials said. 

"Women's professional basketball still has a way to go to get broader acceptance. A lot of people concentrate on the men's game and see the women's game as inferior.  I don't think it's a great form of basketball, but quite frankly it's an acquired taste," said Bill Benner with the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Hoosier Halie Byers said that women's basketball doesn't get the same publicity as men's basketball.

 "I think it's just the lack of publicity.  The guys are always on ESPN, but they run the girls through the highlights really quick and then they're back to the NBA talking about LeBron James or something else. I think if they got their name out there more it would probably help," Byers said.

WBNA fan Paula Jones said Friday's matchup with Minnesota could put the Fever on the map.

"When the (Fever) win the championships, then they'll know who (they) are," Jones said.


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