Cop killers had earlier talks with Vegas police, Ind. BMV

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas police say they talked on three different occasions earlier this year with a couple who killed two officers and a bystander, and the pair did not express anti-police views in any of the encounters.

Investigators believe the anti-police and anti-government attitudes of Jerad and Amanda Miller fueled Sunday's rampage in which they shot the officers at a Las Vegas eatery, then shot a shopper at a nearby Wal-Mart before they both died of gunshots.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill, at a news conference Wednesday, disclosed that Las Vegas police had talked with one or both of the Millers three times since they moved to Las Vegas from Indiana in January.

He says Jerad Miller was asked in February about threats he allegedly made to Indiana motor vehicle officials, and the Millers were interviewed in April and May as witnesses to alleged crimes involving others at the Las Vegas apartment complex where they lived.

The recorded call from Jerad Miller to the Indiana BMV was described as chilling. It was laced with profanities and a threat to kill people.

Miller called the BMV on Jan. 21 of this year. The call was made because Miller said Nevada officials had taken his license and given him a ticket for $525. His license was suspended for failure to prove he had insurance during two accidents -- one in March 2013 and the other in September 2012.

The recorded call revealed a threat to the BMV and Nevada authorities nearly six months ago.

"Indiana's whole court system is messed up. It's not my fault, and he needs to drop the case. If he doesn't, I'm going to be forwarding the bill to you guys," Miller said. "And if they come to arrest me for non-compliance or whatever, I'm just going to start shooting people."

Officials said the BMV’s Fraud and Security Enforcement Division contacted Nevada authorities to provide details about Miller’s driving record and the entire recorded phone call.

The BMV said it received notification that the threat was investigated and the investigation was concluded.

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