Court: Officer violated suspect's rights when he said he couldn't get fair trial

Suspect's murder confession thrown out

INDIANAPOLIS - A detective violated a suspect's Constitutional rights when he told the suspect he wouldn't get a fair trial because he's black, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The court ruled that the suspect's confession to a 2007 cold case murder would be thrown out, after a Gary Police Department detective "went too far" in the interrogation room.

"We have long held that law enforcement officers conducting interrogations may use a range of tactics and techniques to persuade suspects to provide incriminating statements," the court wrote.

According to the court documents released with the decision, the detective said this:

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The court's decision said that it has been supportive of detectives' use of a range of strategies to elicit incriminating statements from suspects, but "we will not allow even the perception of such inequality to enter the interrogation room."

More: Read the full decision here.

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