'Creepy clown' raises concerns in Fishers

FISHERS, Ind. - Fishers residents were on high alert after multiple people spotted a "creepy clown" in the area.

Officials with the Fishers Police Department said they want to talk to the person who was seen near 126th Street and Olio Road.

Residents took to social media Wednesday and Thursday to share the picture and concerns about the man dressed up as a clown and holding balloons.

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Police said they sent an officer to patrol the area and look for the clown, but the man was already gone.

"The creepy clown going around Fishers was in my aunt’s neighborhood hanging out where the kids were… If you see it, please call the cops," one resident wrote on Twitter.

Another Twitter user wrote, "Apparently there’s a guy who dresses as a creepy clown and roams the streets of Fishers at night. BRB. Moving as far away as possible."

The reports came just days after other mysterious clowns were scaring residents around the nation.

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Strange clowns started roaming the streets of Wasco, California at night, and since that story broke, copycats have been hitting other cities in full force.

Residents of the Fishers neighborhood said they just want the guy caught.

"When you come out to get your mail at night after you get home from work, you really don't want to see this guy out there, oh absolutely not, no I'd probably leave the mail in the mailbox," one resident said.

Police said anyone who sees the clown -- or someone who looks suspicious -- shouldn't hesitate to call 911.

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