'I dropped to my knees:' Students, parents talk about Noblesville school shooting

Posted: 1:43 PM, May 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-26 01:56:02Z
Students, parents describe Noblesville shooting

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- A Noblesville Middle School student says he and his classmates barricaded themselves in a closet with improvised weapons to defend themselves when another student began shooting inside the school Friday.

“One of my friends, Zane, he tied a rope around the inner door so if it was opened it couldn’t open," the student, a 7th grader, told RTV6. "We all had weapons like rake tools and shovels because we were in the science room. We were ready to defend ourselves.”

Noblesville West Middle School teacher Jason Seaman and a student were shot Friday when another student opened fire around 9:00 a.m. Students in the classroom at the time of the shooting said they were taking a test when the shooting started.

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The suspected shooter was taken into custody.

RTV6 talked to a number of students and parents about how they responded to news of the shooting.

Watch those unedited interviews below:


Noblesville West Middle School 7th grader

“In our room there was this door that led to a place we weren’t allowed to go into, so we went in there. A lot of people were really smart about it. Of course they were crying, they were like, ‘What’s happening?’ A lot of people were having a breakdown. I don’t know. I cried a little bit.”

“One of my friends, Zane, he tied a rope around the inner door so if it was opened it couldn’t open. We all had weapons like rake tools and shovels, because we were in the science room. We were ready to defend ourselves.”


Noblesville West Middle School student in classroom where shooting happened

“He knocked the gun out of his hand and tackled him to the ground. If it weren’t for him, more of us would have been injured for sure, and who knows what would have happened."


Ciara, sophomore at Noblesville High School

“You hear the announcement and it’s like, ‘Code Yellow! Code Yellow!’ Your teachers and everyone just stops what they’re doing and this wave of emotion comes over you and you don’t know what to do at first.”

“They tell you to prepare, and you have ALICE drills, and you have all these announcements, but you never actually think that it could happen so close to home, that it can affect people you know.”


Shannon Ford, mother of senior at Noblesville High School

“I received a text from my son at 10:30, which was suspicious because that’s when everything seemed to be calming down. He said, ‘No, Mom, we are still in lockdown. We are still in Code Red. We are barricading the doors. The lights are off.’ He was scared to death.”

“To think that it’s coming this close to home… I’m shaking. I’m just in total disbelief that it’s here in Noblesville.”

“His text message that came into me at 10:30 said that he was scared and he was shaking. And this is coming from an 18-year-old getting ready to graduate. When he texted first thing this morning, it was that his peers, his classmates, were crying because they have siblings over at the West Middle School.”


Amanda Mckinley-Stephens, mother of two Noblesville East Middle School students

“It’s just scary. You don’t know who all is affected, and your heart breaks for everybody. It’s terrifying. You just want to see them? You know. I mean, both of my boys are here. I just wanted to see them and hug them and comfort them. As soon as I could see them I could breathe again.”

“I dropped to my knees immediately. At first, the news station I was on just said Noblesville middle school. I knew there were two: East and West. It didn’t make it any better knowing it was at West, but I knew my kids were at East so they were OK.”

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