Two people charged in death of pet mini horse in Morgan County

MONROVIA, Ind. – Two people face criminal charges after neighbors believe the pair's pit bulls killed a pet mini horse earlier this week.

Daniel Levi Silas Cannon, the owner of the two dogs, was charged with failure to retain a dog, allowing dogs to stray and false informing. 

On Sunday, Mac McCloud said he found two pit bulls covered in blood on his property. When he went to check on his pet mini horses, both were severely injured – with one dying from its wounds.

One dog was captured by animal control Sunday, but police said Cannon lied to officers on where the other involved dog was located. It was eventually taken into care by animal control.

Cannon also faces charges in a separate case involving one of the dogs biting a neighbor in the leg, police said. 

Randy Simmers, who also lived with Cannon, was charged with false informing after police said he lied about the location of Cannon.

Both men were taken into custody by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department. 

Police said the dogs have been an ongoing problem over the last several years. 

PREVIOUSPet mini horse attacked, killed by dogs in Morgan County

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