Crispus Attucks students barred from graduation over 'senior prank'

Posted: 2:41 PM, Jun 08, 2017
Updated: 2017-06-09 00:14:57Z
Crispus Attucks seniors suspended over 'prank'
Crispus Attucks seniors suspended over 'prank'

INDIANAPOLIS -- A group of Crispus Attucks students have been suspended and barred from graduation after they vandalized the inside of the school as part of their senior prank Tuesday night.  

Indianapolis Public Schools released a statement on Thursday saying multiple students vandalized various areas of the building and that those students involved would not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. 

According to IPS, those students will also be required to participate in a "campus beautification effort" to clean up and fix the damage they caused. 

Three of the parents say they were with the kids when the "prank" took place and that the punishment is too harsh. They believe the students should still be allowed to walk at graduation. 

Parents say one of the students involved in the prank is also the school's valedictorian. 

Following a meeting with parents Thursday morning, school administrators said they stand by their decision and the suspensions will not be reversed. 

You can read the full statement from IPS below:

"Indianapolis Public Schools is aware that on Tuesday, June 6, a group of Crispus Attucks students and multiple adults vandalized various areas of the school building, a local and national historical landmark, in an effort to carry out a "senior prank." The matter is under investigation by IPS Police. Students involved in this incident will not be allowed to participate in today's graduation ceremony and are required to participate in a campus beautification effort as restitution for the damage caused. IPS will not tolerate criminal activity of any kind, in the name of senior pranks or otherwise. Anyone found guilty of committing such acts will face harsh penalties."