Defense: Cause of baby's death in Bei Bei Shuai case unproven

INDIANAPOLIS - The judge in the case of a Chinese immigrant accused of killing her baby by attempting suicide while she was pregnant declined to make a decision in court Wednesday. 

The judge said a ruling would not be issued until after Nov. 16.

Attorneys for Bei Bei Shuai claim Indiana prosecutors haven't proven that the rat poison she ate caused her daughter's death.

Defense lawyers Wednesday tried to persuade a judge to exclude the testimony of the pathologist who performed the autopsy from Shuai's murder trial.

Shuai's attorneys claimed in court documents that a medication given to Shuai could have mimicked the effects of rat poison.

They also claim the pathologist never considered any alternative cause of death, but the doctor who treated the baby testified there were other possibilities.

Shuai was freed on bond in May after more than a year in an Indianapolis jail.

She has the support of several women's rights groups.

Earlier this year, Shuai turned down prosecutors’ offer to drop the murder charge if she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of attempted feticide.

Prosecutors said Shuai was 33 weeks pregnant in December 2010 when she ate rat poison after her boyfriend broke up with her. The child was delivered but died three days later.

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