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Safety concerns about dangerous turn in Muncie

Posted at 10:02 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 22:25:13-05

MUNCIE, Ind. -- A Muncie woman is fearful about what will happen if something isn’t done to stop semis from making a dangerous turn near her home.

Janine Jender Guzman says she sees semis pulling into her grass and onto her sidewalk, close to her home on the corner of State Road 32 and Ohio Street, on a daily basis.  

“The corner is not a good corner with the utility pole, transformer box. The trucks cannot make that turn, they are too long,” said Guzman. “I think they need to continue down to a clearer street where they can make the turn.”

Janine Jender Guzman captured one of those semis in the video below. 

Guzman said right now she’s concerned about her grass and the cracks on her sidewalk, but with winter coming she’s also concerned about what will happen when those trucks try to make that turn on the slick roads.

“When we sit in our living room we have two windows there, it literally looks like they are feet away from hitting our house,” said Guzman. “Our concern would be in the winter, sliding on the concrete, on the road and sliding right into our home.”

Janine says she's taking steps to protect her home, like removing a tree she was worried might come down on top of it. She also put the stumps in the grass, to try to stop the semis from driving onto the sidewalk. 

"An easy solution to me would be to place a sign asking them to no longer turn on the street," said Guzman. 

INDOT says in order to put a sign up not allowing trucks to turn onto Ohio Street, they would need to get approval from the City of Muncie. 

They had Guzman fill out a service request and a team is now looking into her concerns about the intersection. 

After they review the area, they will discuss what to do moving forward with the city. 

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