Deputy mayor explains Greenwood mural cover up

GREENWOOD, Ind. - Greenwood street crews painted over a popular mural without warning Thursday, leaving many residents wondering what prompted the move.

The mural sat for years on the Smith Valley Road Bridge. Residents told us they enjoyed driving past the mural during the week.

"I thought it was really pretty, because I know it's part of the art trail," said Linda Rodebaugh. "I saw them painting this morning, but I didn't realize they were painting over it."

The new paint job was a shock to families like the Rodebaughs, who brought their grandson to Craig Park today.

"Well it's kind of plain now," Rodebaugh said. "Stark yellow."

Greenwood Deputy Mayor Terry McLaughlin said he liked the mural too.

"I think a mural always looks better than yellow highway paint," McLaughlin said.

But, he said, the 5-year-old paint was starting to peel, and the high school group that painted it never finished.

That's why he says he ordered the bridge painted back to its original yellow – to make sure the trail is highly visible on this very busy stretch of road.

Walker Don Beavis said he understands the safety aspect. Still, he and others would like to see another mural painted here in the future.

"Well, the color is important because it's safety issue for the walkers," Beavis said. "Maybe they'll do something different again and it will be beautiful again."

Deputy Mayor Laughlin said he's not opposed to having another mural painted on that bridge in the future if another group approaches the city with a plan.

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