Don's Guns' owner Don Davis says worker Ben Chance shot, killed Brian Wayner in self-defense

Police: Worker killed man who opened fire

INDIANAPOLIS - The owner of Don's Guns said he's confident prosecutors will find his worker shot and killed man in self-defense after the man opened fire.

Police said Brian Wayner, 26, came in to Don's Guns near 38th Street and Lafayette Road on Monday, rented a .40 caliber gun and fired for about an hour at the indoor shooting range.

But when he went up to the counter to pay, Wayner pulled out the gun again and opened fire, shooting longtime employee Ben Chance in the chest, police said.

Gun store owner Don Davis said that Chance, an experienced shooting instructor, did exactly what he trains others to do -- he fired back, shooting and killing Wayner, police said.

Davis, who's best known locally for a series of catchy commercials, walked RTV6 through the crime scene Thursday.

"This is the one that went through Ben right here. That's the actual round that was dug out of the wall," he said, holding a crushed bullet. "Here's another (bullet) that missed him, and then we have to tear out the wall here to get the third one."

Davis said he's watched the surveillance video several times and still doesn't understand what prompted the shooting, especially because Wayner didn't say anything before he opened fire.

"I have looked at the tape a thousand times. Brenda (Duty, who runs the store,) has looked at the tape a thousand times. We have no idea why it happened," he said. "That guy was a nice guy, came in and acted like a gentleman."

Chance is expected to be released from an area hospital in a few days.

Davis said he wants Wayner's family to know that his employee did the only thing he could to protect his own life.

"We practice it. We know what we're doing," he said. "If you come in here looking for trouble, you just found it."

Wayner did not have a criminal record. He was last listed as a student at Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis in fall 2009.

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