East side neighborhood crime watch group aims to stay connected

INDIANAPOLIS – Following the murder of three people on Indy’s east side, neighbors said their goal is to continue to stay connected before tragedy strikes.

Jane Elson keeps in touch with many of the senior citizens in the neighborhood in the 1800 block of Forsythia Drive. She said it is her job to call them and let them know what happens in their community.

“I’m trying to ease their fears and let them know what I have to, but I try not to get too wordy with them,” said Elson. “I try to keep them from being fearful.”

Elson is one of 30 people actively involved in the neighborhood crime watch. She said getting people to share their phone numbers and meet one another before an emergency is key.

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“You need to let people know so that when something is going on…you can't go out in the middle of the night and knock on your neighbor’s door when something is happening,” said Elson. “You got to let people know.”

The neighbors said those three adults found dead Thursday morning will be missed.


"We just need to pray, talk to the lord and ask for protection,” said Elson. 

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