East-side residents on alert after shooting on Denny Street in quiet neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS - One east-side Indianapolis neighborhood is on alert after back-to-back shootings that left two people dead and four others injured.

The residents that live in the 300 and 400 block of North Denny Street said their neighborhood is usually quiet and violence is out of the ordinary.

In front of one of the homes, residents set up a memorial to 19-year-old Christopher Pippen. He died after an argument over money, police said. The second shooting victim survived the gunfight.

"It's sad one way or another. I didn't know the people it happened to, but I wish the best for their family and I hope police find out who did this so we can put an end to it," resident Greg Johnson said.

Whether random or targeted, not everyone has taken the gunfire in stride. Melissa Claunch, a mother of three young children, remains unnerved by the recent shootings.

"It's quiet for the most part when I first moved in. Since then, there have been several recent instances in the streets in the last two months. I'm ready to move," Claunch said.

Less than twenty-four hours after the shooting, calm has returned to the neighborhood as residents sit quietly on their porches

"It's a pretty quiet block. Everybody pretty much owns their own home. It's quiet and stuff like this isn't random. I don't think this was just a random thing. It was planned or whatever," one resident said.

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