Evansville police officers play good Samaritans, swiftly help couple in need

EVANSVILLE, Ind. - A group of Indiana police officers are proving they truly do "serve and protect" every person they come in contact with.

Evansville Police Department Detective Ray Holden said it all started last week when he saw a man standing on the side of an expressway, holding a sign that said, "Please help."

He stopped to talk to the man, and found out he was just trying to buy a mattress for his wife, who has been bed-ridden for the past two years following an accident.

Watch the video to hear directly from the officers who got involved. You might be surprised when you hear the major reason that pushed one of them to help the couple.

The detective was so moved by his story that he went back to police headquarters and called every business and furniture company that he could.

Soon, he and other officers found a thrift store owner who wanted to help.

Less than 30 minutes later, the new mattress was delivered to the man's house.

The officers said the man was overcome with emotion - and this was one of their best times on the job.

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