Excise police issue nearly 130 tickets during IU-Ball State tailgating

15-year-old cited for underage drinking

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - State Excise Police issued nearly 130 tickets for underage drinking Saturday at the Indiana University-Ball State University football game.

Police cited and arrested people during tailgating activities in Bloomington as a part of the agency’s Intensified College Enforcement program.

Officials said many excise offers were undercover and they caught several minors drinking alcohol.

"People say don't drink at tailgate. Excise police are everywhere. If you're going to drink, do it before,” IU student Mikala Barber said.

"A lot of my friends are worried about getting caught, but I think (excise police) are needed,” DePauw University student Adam May said.

Cpl. Travis Thickstun said his agency’s goal isn’t to issue dozens of tickets.

“Our point is not to issue tickets. Our point is to change behavior,” Thickstun said. We want people to know that we're out doing this. We want students to know we want adults who are furnishing alcohol to minors to know not to do it. The excise police are going to be out in force."

IU student Dee Greene said the ICE efforts dampened the fun at the festivities.

“I kind of think it's a little be unfair. If they're doing what everyone else is doing, well I guess they're breaking the law, but at the same time everyone is in a confined area. They're really not doing anything damaging,” Greene said.

Ten of the people who were ticketed were taken to jail. The youngest person cited was 15 years old, police said.


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