Extra security cameras installed in Broad Ripple

INDIANAPOLIS - Police officers installed extra security cameras around Broad Ripple on Wednesday after a weekend shooting injured seven people.

The shooting has rocked the community and police decided to put the extra cameras on the street to act as extra eyes and ears.

The two mobile surveillance camera units are highly visible. One was installed at College Avenue and Westfield Boulevard and the second was installed at Westfield Boulevard and Winthrop Avenue. The cameras will go live Thursday.

"In light of what happened this weekend, you know cameras help to paint a better picture of what can occur," Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Rafael Diaz said.

After the violent weekend, police don’t want future criminals to slip through their fingers.

"They'll actually be monitored by someone in a camera room and really they'll be placed in strategic areas with the hope that, you know, if something were to occur, it would give us a better look," Diaz said.

People on the street had mixed reactions about what good the cameras would really be able to do.

"I think it's a really good idea just to have extra eyes, because just knowing you are being watched makes people want to act a little better," Kelly Hendricks said.

"I mean it may or may not help because people are going to do what they want to do regardless, so I mean, I guess we'll have to see," Leland Gupton said.

Police said the cameras are in place on a temporary basis, but they have not determined exactly how long they will stay.

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