FAB Crew turning Indy walls into works of art

INDIANAPOLIS - A local artist has been painting the town red and white and green and every other color you can think of – but don't call it graffiti.

Dan Thompson is one of the artists behind FAB Crew, short for the Fantastic Aerosol Brothers.

"There's a lot of public art in this city, but there's not a lot that I think is dedicated to the kind of spirit that we're showing here," Thompson said. "Maybe it's creativity or maybe it's uniqueness or culture, but I don't think there's a piece of public art around here that speaks to what we're trying to do."

The FAB Crew's latest work is going up on the building for "Pattern" magazine on Massachusetts Avenue.

Thompson said he plans on finishing this latest work of art, which will use about 200 cans of spray paint, within the next couple of days.

For more about FAB Crew, watch the video above or visit their website.

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