Families seek new alternatives for protection

INDIANAPOLIS - With burglaries and break-ins on the rise, Hoosiers are looking for ways to protect themselves -- but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of a weapon in the home.

An alternative that can help take a bite out of crime might be the answer for your family.

The May family didn’t think they had time for a dog until they came home and found someone in their house.

"The guy was pretty aggressive and wanted to fight us," Travis May said.

The Mays decided they needed protection for their family and decided to bring a trained dog into their home.

"I feel a lot more comfortable having Ranger here, especially if Travis is out of town. If he hears a noise he goes to every room to check it out," Lisa May said. "Properly trained they can turn in a second and become better than a weapon."

Julie Case is a certified master trainer. She trains helper dogs, police K-9s and protection dogs. She said a dog can be a safe alternative to traditional weapons.

"You can't leave your gun out on the coffee table; God forbid a toddler gets it. With this animal, you can have him around your children, your family and they are ready to go to work," Case said.

Case warned the dogs aren’t for everyone. Potential owners have to be screened to qualify and they must also receive training.

The dogs are not cheap either. They can cost between $12,000 to $16,000, but for the May family, it has been worth it.

The dogs are hand-selected at a very young age for their temperament and stability. Training is a six-week process.

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