Family of missing Beech Grove priest offers $10K reward for information on his whereabouts

Priest disappeared from Athens Sept. 30

INDIANAPOLIS - The family of a Beech Grove priest who vanished in Greece is now offering a $10,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

The Rev. Christiaan Kappes and his interpreter disappeared from Athens on Sept. 30.

Before the disappearance, Kappes told his family he feared for his life.

He suggested the threat came from his translator's relatives.

He also told his sister someone was trying to hack into his bank account.

U.S. Department of State spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said agency officials had searched hospitals, hotels, airports and prisons in search of Kappes.

She confirmed that Kappes visited the U.S. embassy in Athens the day he was reported missing.

"He did not himself request safe haven. While a consular officer was on the phone with one of his family members discussing options to ensure his safety, Mr. Kappes himself got up and departed the embassy, and we don't know where he went," Nuland said.

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