Fans flock to track for Carb Day

All eyes will be on the drivers Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but on Friday the track seemed built for the fans.
Thousands of people filled the Speedway for Carburation Day to say thanks to a legend and watch the final IndyCar practice before the big race.
"I just got here and I love it," said fan Cabel Calloway. "This is what Indianapolis is all about."
Fans enjoyed fantastic weather for Carb Day, which featured several concerts, as well as visits from IndyCar legends.
"Carburation Day is where a lot of things are happening, and then there's the race and the pit stop competition, and then I'll be out there in a two-seat race car," said racing legend Mario Andretti. "That's the best part."
Another legend was taking his last turn at the track on Friday. Jim Nabors, who's been singing the Indianapolis 500's signature song since 1972, will sing at the event for the last time on Sunday.
"I think I'll miss the kickoff when all of those engines crank up," Nabors said. "When Mari says, 'Start your engines,' there's no sound like that in the world."
For race fans, the day is the perfect way to start the Memorial Day weekend.
"I love the concert," said Dana Mangifico. "We love getting around with our friends and we're hanging out watching the cars go by. It's so much fun."
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