Father of Frankfort student at center of scandal speaks out

Weeks faces child seduction charge

FRANKFORT, Ind. - A father is speaking out after he said school administrators have not apologized about an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and his daughter.

Thomas Weeks was a teacher and basketball coach at Frankfort Senior High School until he was arrested in May. Weeks faces a charge of child seduction and is accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old student.

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The student’s father -- only identified as Dustin to protect her identity -- has questions for the man he said took advantage of his daughter.

"I would love to know what made this man choose my daughter, what was her weakness?" Dustin said. "Was it easy for him to get what he wanted and deny everything that was ever done?"

Dustin said Weeks carried on a secret relationship with the high school junior for at least a year.

"It wasn't rape, he made her fall in love with him to get what he wanted and that's sick," Dustin said.

Dustin believes Weeks preyed on his daughter.

"It doesn't matter -- coach, teacher, all that aside, the man honestly doesn't have morals or values or whatever to stoop that low," Dustin said.

Dustin said he kept tabs on his honor roll student and often checked her phone and whereabouts. He said the pair used social media to carry on romantic conversations.

"He said these things to get my daughter, now I'm asking him again to do the right thing and give her back," Dustin said.

The family said they have not decided if they will send their daughter back to Frankfort Senior High School in August.

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