Firearm permits rising in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis residents alone hold nearly 10 percent of the state’s conceal-carry permits. With the growing number of people with guns, there is also growing concern they might get into the hands of people who shouldn’t possess a weapon.

At the Indy Trading Post on the city's south side, the growing homicide rate continues to drive the sales of guns and ammunition.

Anthony Sahm has a permit to carry a firearm and his reason for purchasing a second handgun remains the same as when he purchased his first.

"Self-defense, particularly when we're out and around the city in places that I no longer feel safe. I want to make sure me and my girlfriend are always safe and you don't have to worry about things when you’re safe," Sahm said.

The law requires Hoosiers who want to purchase a firearm to undergo a background check at the point of purchase. The retailer will place a call to the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System to determine whether the individual has any criminal, social or mental health issues that would block the sale.

Indy Trading Post owner Brian Ludlow also polices his own store.

"We've had people come in and talking to their buddy making comments about I'm going to get that and shoot so and so with it. Obviously, when you hear those comments you’re not going to sell them a gun," Ludlow said.

More than half a million Hoosiers now possess permits that allow them to carry weapons, concealed or otherwise.

Indiana State Police say there are 13 reasons that will disqualify individuals from obtaining a carry permit, including felony convictions, open warrants, convictions for domestic violence and driving under the influence The state also wants to know if you've been treated for a mental illness.

"If the answer to that is yes, then you have to provide proof to us that from a doctor or medical professional that you're able to carry a firearm. And if the answer is no, then we don't have to check any further," Sgt. Rich Myers with the Indiana State Police said.

Indiana State Police have a policy of checking records back as far as 99 years on individuals who want a permit to carry a firearm, further diminishing the chances of someone who may try to get a permit illegally.

In 2012, more than 465,000 permits were issued. So far this year, that number is more than 557,000. Marion County had the most permits issued so far this year with just over 51,000.

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