Firsthand look at summer crime-reduction plan

INDIANAPOLIS - Hours after city leaders announced a summer crime-reduction plan, RTV6’s Drew Smith went for a ride-along with police on the city’s east side Thursday evening.

Officer Shane Foley is a strategic investigations officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. He works with narcotics, homicide and aggravated assault units.

Most of the time he coordinates the flow of information for IMPD, but he spent Thursday evening patrolling city streets in a high-crime area on the east side.

"If people are scared it doesn't matter if there's any crime, maybe we need to have a higher presence in the community," Foley said.

Earlier in the week, the higher presence resulted in more than 50 arrests. IMPD is working alongside multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, to send a clear message to those who live in the high-crime areas.

"For the community, they see all the lights on the street, they see people getting arrested in the wagons as well as some of the businesses we've had some problems with in the past," Foley said. "It becomes more difficult for officers working later in the day to find people committing illegal activity, to really find anybody out, because word gets out so quickly that police are rolling."

For officers like Foley, the collaborative effort to reduce crime is a step in the right direction.

"It's an undertaking. You know there's so many agencies involved but it's exciting to see cooperation we're able to get between all the different agencies and the number of arrests we're able to produce within just a short period of time," Foley said.

City officials said to expect more cops on the beat, tactical units like SWAT teams and a bigger overall presence this summer.

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