Fishers residents rally together to save 153-year-old home

FISHERS, Ind. - Residents in Fishers rallied together Monday afternoon to try to save a piece of history.

Developers plan to demolish the historic farmhouse on 106th Street and Kincaid Drive that has stood in the same spot for 153 years.

"It’s our understanding that the site where the house sits is going to be developed, and as a result, the house will likely be demolished," said Mark Dollase with Indiana Landmarks.

Property owners Thompson Thrift planned to tear down the home to make way for office and retail projects until officials discovered The Flannigan House is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

"You know we have Connor Prairie, but I think to have something authentic to the community is really valuable," one resident said.

Property owners met with preservationists in Fishers on Monday.

"It is on its current location where it has been for 150-plus years, so to keep it there is preferred by architectural historians like myself," Dollase said.

Experts say relocating the house is an expensive and labor-intensive option, but they said it does beat destroying the home.

"It has to be a place where people can visit and learn from or at least be able to go by and appreciate if you just turn it into, no offense, but a Starbucks, than it doesn't really matter," resident Kathy Sasseman said.

The property may qualify for federal grant money if it is officially declared historic, which would help with the expenses to relocate the home.

Possible plans to save the home are still in the early stages.

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