Five bodies discovered around Indy within weeks

Police: One could be tied to prostitution case

INDIANAPOLIS - Police were investigating after five bodies have been discovered around Indianapolis within the last few weeks -- all with unknown causes of death.

While some of the deaths may have been natural, police think at least one death might be related to a missing persons case involving prostitution.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department have been investigating the circumstances surrounding at least nine missing women -- all with ties to prostitution.

In February, a missing persons detective with IMPD described the puzzling nature of the case.

"It's just kind of an odd situation with these ladies, not to mention two witnesses I've tried to find that were related to each of these, each of these witnesses are also related to cases here, and they've vanished as well," Detective Chest Price said.

Authorities discovered two bodies one block away from each other on the city's northeast side on June 2 and June 5. The bodies were identified as 56-year-old Loy Ofsthun and 45-year-old Selese Goss.

Metro police said they were investigating the possibility that one of the two women could be one of the missing prostitutes.

A body was also found on the city's west side near Tibbs Avenue and West Vermont Street early Thursday evening. Police have not yet released the victim’s identity or if the victim was a male or female.

Police said they were not ruling out any possibilities as they continued their investigation.

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