Fort Wayne Catholic school teacher fired over in vitro gets support from national groups

Emily Herx's contract wasn't renewed

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Two national groups are throwing their support behind a former parochial school teacher who claims she was fired for trying to get pregnant using in vitro fertilization.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Civil Liberties Union filed friends of the court briefs Monday supporting Emily Herx.

Herx sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in federal court in Fort Wayne in April, claiming she was discriminated against for a disability when her teaching contract wasn't renewed.

Herx suffers from infertility, which is protected under federal law.

She underwent in vitro fertilization, which is banned under Roman Catholic doctrine.

When news of Herx's treatment came to light, diocesan officials decided not to renew her contract.

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission ruled in her favor in January.

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