Franklin police arrest 3 middle school students on drug charges

FRANKLIN, Ind. - Franklin police arrested three middle school students who are accused of carrying and dealing prescription painkillers.

Officers with the Franklin Police Department said a Franklin Community Middle School teacher was tipped off when one student showed up to class stumbling and slurring his words.

Officers at the school interviewed the student and learned that two eighth-graders were apparently trying to sell the painkillers to other students.

Of the seven students allegedly involved, two were arrested on charges of dealing and one was arrested on a possession charge, police said. Four other students were let go.

"It's a surprise at our middle school, but I think in the context of society, what's happening, I'd say it's not a surprise. You're hearing more about that. I know in working with our SROs there is conversation that, unfortunately, it is a prevalent thing that is taking place right now," Franklin Community School Corporation Superintendent David Clendening said.

Police believe the students took the pills from home.

"Safeguard your prescriptions and don't take it for granted because it's not always a criminal that's going to take those. It could be just a kid that makes an error in judgment," Franklin police Chief Tim O’Sullivan said.

The prosecutor likely won’t press charges. Sources confirmed that officers interviewed one of the students while his parents were not there, which rendered his statements inadmissible.

Clendening said the students could face expulsion, but school officials have not yet decided what the punishment will be.

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