Fraud case dismissed against Super Bowl party planner Howard Jaffe

INDIANAPOLIS - The Call 6 Investigators have learned a 2008 check fraud case has been dismissed against party planner and sports agent Howard Jaffe.

Prosecutors tell Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney the state agreed to dismiss the case based on “technical issues,” which includes a rule relating to the time in which a defendant must be brought to trial.

The 2008 check fraud charge stemmed from an incident in which Jaffe deposited a $6,000 check at Huntington National Bank on 45 N. Pennsylvania St.

The check was later returned for non-sufficient funds, according to the probable cause affidavit.

“We are very pleased to learn one of the cases was dismissed,” said defense attorney Russell Cate of the law firm Campbell Kyle Proffitt.  “He still maintains his innocence and the law presumes him to be innocent.”

While the 2008 case was dismissed, prosecutors are moving forward with a C Felony fraud charge associated with Jaffe’s hosting of a VIP Super Bowl party in February 2012, Super Lounge 46.

Alleged victims of Jaffe's showed up in court last month in an effort to keep tabs on the party planner they say still owes them money.

"We loaned Howard Jaffe some money for a Super Bowl party and we never got paid for it," said Mary Shaw of Carmel. "We've been promised to be paid so many times and it's all empty promises. The texts I have saved that say 'the money's in the mail. I've Fed Exed it.' It's unbelievable how many times he's said that."

In 2013, a judge issued a $258,526 judgment in favor of the Shaws against Jaffe and his company Barjaf Group, but the Shaws have yet to collect any of that money from Jaffe.

"Emotionally, sleepless nights, and it's like how many other people has he done this to?" said Mary Shaw.

Jaffe was arrested in Florida and extradited back to Marion County on May 5 to face criminal charges.

In the 2012 case, Jaffe is accused of writing a bad check to Scott Evans' audio and visual company, which he hired for Super Lounge 46.

Evans showed up in court last month.

"I believe in the legal process, so I just want it to work," said Evans. "I want him to be held accountable to the highest standard of the law and pay for the crime."

Evans said Jaffe never paid him $50,000.

"I got paid a check that was no good," said Evans. "If I get my money back,  great. If not, a person like this needs to pay the penalties."

Evans shared pictures showing Jaffe with rapper Nelly and Ivanka Trump.
Jaffe did not respond to questions from Kenney last month

A jury trial is scheduled for Aug. 14 on the check fraud charge.

“We will be vigorously preparing for trial,” said Cate.

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