Friends, family speak out after deadly I-69 crash

Duerson, Demoss killed while working

INDIANAPOLIS - Friends and family were grieving after a deadly morning accident on Interstate 69 on Friday.

Kenneth Duerson, 49, and Coty Demoss, 24, died when a truck driven by Jordan Stafford, 22, hit the two construction workers.

Shawn Sipes spoke about his good friend Demoss later Friday evening.

"He was a dedicated man, hardworking, a very joy to be around," Sipes said. "I'm gonna miss him dearly and my heart goes out to the Demoss family."

Sipes, who also works in construction, said he knows the dangers.

"It is a very dangerous job. Drivers can be distracted very easily whether it be phone calls, texting, I've seen people reading magazines, newspapers, makeup, I mean there are so many distractions that can happen in a construction zone," Sipes said.

Indiana State Police are investigating what led to the crash. They don’t know yet if Stafford violated traffic laws or if safety procedures were not followed.

Stafford’s mother said her son has no memory of the accident.

Marcie Stafford explained that her son was headed to a drug rehab center, part of his daily routine, when he crashed.

She said she became worried when he didn’t return and eventually turned on the news and saw the accident.

"They really don't know what happened, the police. I guess they're going to do an accident reconstruction. There's been several scenarios I've heard. I don't know and he doesn't know, he doesn't remember a thing," Stafford said. "I'm so sorry, that's all you can say. I've learned that, I'm so sorry. I'm not saying that it's Jordan's fault, I'm sorry for their loss."

Stafford said her son had surgery Friday and will be on crutches for six weeks.

Stafford's son Logan was killed in a traffic accident a couple of years ago. She said he crashed into an Indiana Department of Transportation truck in Hancock County.

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