'Glamping' kicks off Indy 500 weekend

Campers begin arriving on Thursday

INDIANAPOLIS - As the race drew closer Thursday, campers arrived at the Speedway for Sunday's Indianapolis 500, and to take advantage of its newest offering: glamping.

"Glamping" – a portmanteau of "glamor" and "camping" – is what IMS says its offering campers this year in the many large, waterproof tents pitched on the grounds of the Speedway.

For $650, you get two cots or, at $1,100, the "Queen Package" with a queen-sized bed.

The offer was perfect for Larry and Melissa Logan of San Antonio.

"This is roughing it without roughing it," they said. "Don't look too rough in there right now, does it?"

Glamping isn't new, and it's been offered at other courses. But it is new to the Indy 500. Included with the tents and the beds are a lounge with fire pits, a movie screen, general admission tickets and private air-conditioned restrooms and showers.

"They're really nice," said Indianapolis resident Katie Krouse. "It looks like you're in a nice hotel."

Greg Faverty also saw the appeal. The Lowell resident said he's come down to cross it off his "bucket list."

"It's something new and different, you know?" Faverty said. "It's the Indy 500. Why not?"

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