Greenfield woman walks away from rollover unhurt

Credits 'divine intervention' for survival

GREENFIELD, Ind. - A Greenfield woman says she's lucky to be alive after a rollover crash on I-70 last week.

As a home healthcare nurse, Christi Ferrell logs many miles behind the wheel for work. She commutes to Indianapolis every day, and says she knows the stretch of I-70 she uses well.

Last Monday, after seeing her final patient, Ferrell left the city for home.

She was navigating the right lane of the construction zone between Mount Comfort and Greenfield when she spotted a semi-truck moving into her lane.

"I was getting a little nervous he was going to sideswipe me, so I tried to scootch over and get to my right, but my tire slipped off the edge," Ferrell said.

Ferrell lost control and flipped her SUV four or five times.

"As my car started to flip, I thought, 'I am going to die. I am going to die,'" Ferrell said.

When the Pontiac Aztec came to a rest on its side, she realized she wasn't going to die after all.

"I kind of looked around and thought, 'I'm OK. I'm not hurt,'" Ferrell said.

When smoke started coming from the vents of the SUV, she knew she had to act fast.

"I started kicking out my windshield," she said. "About that time, some gentlemen started to help me out of my car. They pulled the glass back and helped me out."

Those men, complete strangers, called Ferrell's family. They also went back into the mangled SUV for her purse and waited with her until paramedics arrived.

"I just wanted them to know I really appreciated that," she said. "It's not forgotten."

Amazingly, Ferrell walked away from the crash without a scratch. Paramedics and police said they were shocked.

"It's one of those crashes that you go up to and, after they amount of time you work, you're like, 'How does someone live through that?'" said Indiana State Police Sgt. Bill Spalding.

But, Ferrell says, her survival is no mystery to her. She points to a small guardian angel she kept pinned to the driver's side visor.

"That was the only area of the car that was not caved and flat," Ferrell said. "I know it was God. I know it was a divine intervention."

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