Greenwood considers adding vaping to smoking ban

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- The Greenwood Common Council is scheduled to discuss a plan to incorporate e-cigarettes into the city’s smoking ban.

City leaders approved a smoking ban on tobacco products in 2006, but the newly proposed ordinance would expand the definition of smoking in Greenwood city code to include vaping.

The ordinance up for discussion next week would ban the use of e-cigarettes in the same places where smoking is prohibited -- including places of employment, the inside and outside dining areas at restaurants and bars and in city-owned vehicles.

Shelley Danehy lives and works in Greenwood. She said she is supportive of the city’s smoking ban as it stands.

"It's each person's right. But, I do feel like it should be regulated in certain areas -- restaurants being number one. I have children and I know it's not good for me, so I feel like I don't have a problem with them banning it there," Danehy said.

Greg Niece is concerned that expanding the ban to e-cigarettes will hurt his business. He owns VapenIndy Inc. near the corner of South Meridian Street and County Line Road.

"Cigarette smoke takes almost 20 minutes to dissipate, and it leaves the smell behind. And e-cigarettes are less than a minute. They kind of fade away, and they don't leave a smell behind," Niece said.

Niece argues e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes and said his products have helped hundreds of people quit smoking.

Mike Campbell, common council member at-large, said he doesn’t know enough about vaping to make a decision quite yet.

"I think it's worth considering. Apparently the state just recently increased the restrictions on e-cigarettes. I know there are some who have some health concerns about it, I just don't have enough health information at the present," Campbell said.

The group could take a final vote as soon as June 15.


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