Group calls out Marine impersonator at Noblesville HS graduation

INDIANAPOLIS -- A national group of active and veteran service members who set out to find military impersonators say they spotted an impostor in central Indiana.

The man in question showed up to the Noblesville High School graduation ceremony at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Tuesday in full uniform.

Brandyn Skaggs, a former U.S. Marine recently back from Afghanistan, said he took notice when he spotted a potential comrade in uniform, but something seemed off. 

"I just immediately knew, it didn't take long to know he was a fake and it wouldn't take any Marine longer than five seconds to know that was a fake," Skaggs said Wednesday. "You can see the medals are misplaced right there, misplaced all over the place, first of all he has two of the same medal right there."

That is when Skaggs decided to confront the man. Skaggs' father recorded the confrontation when the man in question kept brushing him off.

Watch the entire confrontation in the video player above.

"It's very disrespectful to see someone else in our uniform that we've fought for and it's just extremely disrespectful for any veteran of all branches of service," Skaggs said.

The video of the confrontation was posted to YouTube Wednesday and has quickly gained national attention. Since it was posted, it has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

The Guardian of Valor group says the man is a "blatant fake" who was trying to woo his recently divorced girlfriend.

"After the confrontation was over, the girlfriend and her family thanked the Marine and his father for letting them know the truth. By this time, the fake was nowhere to be found," Guardian of Valor said.

Guardian of Valor founder Anthony Anderson said his group has thousands of tips waiting to be investigated.

The woman told Skaggs they had just started dating and she suspected something wasn't right.



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