Gunshot wounds woman inside Columbus Wal-Mart store

COLUMBUS, Ind. - Police say a gunshot wounded a woman inside a central Indiana Wal-Mart store Saturday night after a man's handgun fell from his pants and fired.

Columbus police Lt. Matt Myers says 26-year-old Ginny Thompson was treated for an upper arm wound by medics at the store but declined to go to a hospital.

Myers tells The Republic that city Police Chief Jon Rohde was inside the Wal-Mart store Saturday evening when he heard the gunshot and called for assistance.

Myers says a 56-year-old man told officers that his handgun was in a holster when it fell from his waistband. One bullet hit Thompson who was pushing a shopping cart with her newborn son inside.

"We had a cart full of stuff, getting ready to walk out the door. And the guy in front of us dropped a gun out of his pocket," Thompson said. "The two-liter exploded and, yeah, I felt it hit my arm and the two-liter spraying everywhere. I thought the cap off the two-liter, freakishly enough, the two-liter just exploded for no reason."

Once she realized it was a bullet, the new mom panicked. She checked her baby who was asleep inside his seat in the shopping cart. The bullet missed 16-day-old James by just inches.

Thompson was still reeling over what could have happened.

"Very scary. I haven't had much sleep thinking about I could have just lost him, you know," Thompson said. "We had my boyfriend's 7-year-old daughter with us and she's about this tall. It could have got her right in the head. It could have went right through the baby."

Myers said officers confirmed the man had a handgun permit and he wasn't arrested. The man said the safety was on but it broke when the gun fell out.

"I think people should be more careful about carrying guns around Wal-Mart. He shouldn't have had a bullet in the chamber at all," Thompson said.

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