Conner Prairie trying to save rare goat breed from extinction

Fishers, Ind. - Conner Prairie is trying to save one type of goat from extinction, and you can visit the animal right now. 

The Arapawa goat is one of the rarest goat breeds in the world, and the living history museum has a few of them.

Conner Prairie officials say the Arapawa goat was fairly common in 19th Century Indiana, which is the time period the museum reflects. The animal helped clear land, provided milk and meat to the earliest Hoosiers. 

 However, right now, there are only about 400 Arapawa goats left in the entire world. So, museum officials say they are breeding the goats in an effort to increase their population locally.

Conner Prairie is now using the Arapawa goats to teach children and adults about the animal's role in Indiana history, and how it is still useful today. 

You can view the goats and learn more about them right now at Conner Prairie. The Arapawa goats are in the Animal Encounters barn. 




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