Historic Henry Co. cemetery vandalized

HENRY COUNTY, Ind. - The calm of a Henry County cemetery was disturbed last week after someone damaged dozens of headstones.

Tom Saunders has taken care of Lewisville's historic cemetery for more than three decades. To him, the destruction is more than just an act of vandalism – it's an attack on his family and his ancestors.

"You would hope the public would have respect for the dead," Saunders said.

Saunders said he first noticed a stone out of place on Thursday evening.

"Then when I got to looking I discovered when had about 27 stones out of place," he said.

The stones weren't just out of place, though. Some of the oldest headstones are now broken beyond repair. Saunders said it looked like someone kicked, pulled and pushed them over.

The cemetery is lined with veterans of the Revolutionary War and the founding fathers of Lewisville.

The town was established in 1829 by Lewis Freeman, who is also buried in the cemetery. Even his eight-foot-tall marker has fallen victim to vandalism, Saunders said.

"There is a large granite urn that goes on top of this monument, and it's now over there," Saunders said. "So in order for them to get that off they would have had to stand on each other's shoulders."

Saunders says he thinks the vandals should have to clean up the mess they made.

"Justice is to catch the people responsible and to prosecute them," he said. "I hope part of their punishment is they have to come back down here and work."

Since the incident occurred, several community members have offered time, money and resources to make all the possible repairs, Saunders said.

The Henry County Sheriff's Department is investigating the vandalism.

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