Homes for veterans in Mapleton-Fall Creek?

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana veterans are helping to rebuild a historic Indianapolis neighborhood – and the fruit of their labor will be new homes for military families.

Several homes are already undergoing renovation in the Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood. A partnership between the Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation and the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs is targeting homes in the area for a new program called Homes for Good.

The program will rehab blighted properties to be resold to military families living next to one another.

"It's an up-and-coming neighborhood, and there's plenty of homes that need to be restored," said Matthew Vincent, of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. "We look forward to building houses for veterans in this area."

Vincent said the goal is for the program to expand outward from Mapleton-Fall Creek.

"Automatically, a veteran can gain $25,000 in equity being in this program, and there is a mortgage attached to it," Vincent said. "We're trying to find other sponsors to lessen that mortgage."

The first group of veterans will be chosen for the program in January, with construction beginning in February.


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