Hoosier vet wary about Iraq intervention

INDIANAPOLIS - The United States has begun limited bombings in Iraq again, which has some Hoosier veterans concerned.

Among those veterans is Jeff Wells, who conducted security patrols in Baghdad while stated in Iraq in 2004.

Nowadays, Wells raises money for a group he founded called Wish for Our Heroes, but he's also kept an eye from Indianapolis on the military's most recent airstrikes.

"I lost a third of my platoon over there, either killed or wounded to the point to where they had to come home," Wells said.

The weight of that loss makes it difficult for Jeff to support future U.S. military involvement.

"We're obviously torn, because we spent so much time and effort and blood into that country, and so you don't want to see it fall back into a bad situation," Wells said. "But, by the same token, we don't want to put in more troops in harm's way either."

Wells said he's watched with concern as military planes started dropping bombs on Islamic militants and sending food and water to religious minorities. He said he hopes Obama's next move doesn't put combat troops on the ground.

"I personally don't want to see any more of our men and women in harm's way, and hopefully we're going to be able to help with the airstrikes and the strategy we have in place," Wells said. "They are ultimately going to have to stand up and be responsible for their own security."

U.S. troops formally withdrew from Iraq in 2011 after nearly a decade of fighting.

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