Hoosiers come together for Ferguson protest

INDIANAPOLIS - The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri has inspired a group of Hoosiers to take action.

Within 24 hours of a peaceful rally in Indianapolis last week, a group of 10 strangers set off to join the demonstrations in Missouri.

College student Kila Hayes, 24, never imagined what would end up happening when she simply asked, "Does anyone want to go to Ferguson?" on Twitter.

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"I didn't know really what to expect I just knew I had to get down there and help everyone out," Hayes said. "We all were astonished by the things we were seeing the residents go through and Michael Brown's parents not having the police officer's name."

Hayes said she found out about Brown’s death from social media minutes after the unarmed teen was shot by a police officer.

"You can see witnesses from Twitter saying exactly what happened, you can see pictures from outside their windows, seeing him lie on the street and the police standing over him, and you can hear how they heard the shots. It's just too much, I couldn't wait," Hayes said.

Hayes described the atmosphere between police and the crowd as tense. She said the demonstrators she marched with were diverse and peaceful.

She thinks the people who are reportedly looting the area are not from Ferguson.

"Ferguson is just peaceful. They just want justice for Michael Brown's family," Hayes said.

The situation in Ferguson was even a topic of discussion at the Indianapolis City-County Council meeting on Monday.

Councillor Joseph Simpson displayed posters on several desks that read, "Hands Up ... Don’t Shoot!"

Simpson and other members said they wanted to show they were praying for and fully support the Brown Family. Simpson said the demonstration was a one-time show of support and it will not happen at  future meetings.

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